Montag, 14. Januar 2013

Post mortem... not really...

Thanks for the continued interest in the project. I recieve mails from all over the world, and your feedback is very much appreciated.

The project will continue defineatly, but unfortunately it will happen soonest in May 2013.
I am preparing my final exams in medicine and believe me to learn 46 different disciplines is hell of a desk-sitting job (12 - 16 hours a day).

Nevertheless I having been working a bit on the editing... I, myself am my biggest critic, and IMHO the scenes continue too look too much CGI. I was wondering why... Well, I tried something and IMHO it works marvelously on the pictures: Grain. Simple 35 mm movie grain used as a filter... tell me what you think!

The Enterprise-D.

Scene from the battle.

Illumination, graining and ambient light test on the WC_Sovereign (a true beauty he created).

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