Montag, 1. November 2010

Free Fall...

Hey there... Exciting news today. One of my favorite sequences came finally together and will be partially shown in the teaser trailer I am putting together. It's a scene at Horst III, and the audience will experience something, they never have seen in such detail. Starting with an Enterprise flyby the camera will fly down 20 miles to the planetary surface and focus on the beam down coordinates. Rendering of the scene is in progress and it looks fantastic. Here some pictures (which just don't do it justice - anyway...).

The Enterprise orbiting Horst III at an altitude of 21 miles

The camera moves towards the ground (18 miles above):

The camera will pass through a dense formation of cumulus clouds to an altitude of 200 meters, then alter it's angle and fly missle-like to the beam down coordinates which are designed based on the game shot.
The complete sequence plays 45 seconds.