Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

TNG Blu Ray call: Replace the 4 foot model shots!

"A FINAL UNITY" is doing fine. The HD conversion of the finished scenes is proceeding. Thanks for your continued interest.
I now work with a render farm, so that true 1080p SFX shots can be created with the highest amount of detail like extended blur effects, lens flares, global illumination and ambient occlusion. The results are looking great... One screenshot of the "Arrival at Allanor" scene to show you how it looks like:

Frame 097 from Space SFX Scene 012_001

Now you can see shadows between the plating, The blur effect has been adjusted to mirror the effect of the original TNG model shots. The image shown lost quality due to the conversion into a *.*jpg file. The original bitmap is 4.5 MB large and the whole sequence as a whole will consist of about 4.2 GB image data.

Now to something entirely different, though...

As you all know, TNG is getting the Blu Ray treatment... and what an amazin one it gets! I hope you all own the Season 1 set. I do and I have watched it twice. I know TNG in and out, watched it countless times on TV, before I bought the DVD sets back in 2002, but it is just now, that I experience it for the first time for real.

CBS is very supportive of fan feedback, and I want to urge you to demand from them to replace the ugly 4 foot model version shots with a CGI model based on the original 6 foot model version of the TNG leading starship.
Or at least, to please just everyone, give us fans the option to watch the old remastered shots and new CGIed shots.
For clarification: I do not want them to change the pacing, the angles, the illumination of the shots, I want them just to replace the 4 foot model, with a new CGI model.
It has been always a big continuity issue for the show, and now - in HD - even the least interested person will notice the difference. The series will loose credibility.

To show CBS, that it is not that difficult, I will update a few scenes with the CGI Enterprise used in my movie project (which itself is based on the 6 foot model - the only accurate model, since it is the original design) in the next few days, starting with a shot from Season 4 "The Loss":

Original Shot

CGI recreation
Consider it... this one was made within ten minutes and rendered only on single path. I admit, the illumination must be worked on, but you get the idea. And the differences between both models are obvious.

I hope you support my idea... just spread the word. CBS is listening to us fans!!! And that's a great start!

Thank you all for your continued support and interest in my little project. I know updates are few, but real life, job, family, friends, sports and spare time are really hard to combine.
"A FINAL UNITY" is continuing! Promised!

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