Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Riker's suggestion...

Hey there. There were no posts for several weeks now. Sorry for that, but life has it's ups and downs and December was a very tiresome month for me. First one of my PCs crashed... unfortunately the one with the most up to date data, so I lost some material and had to recreate it from scratch... well it looks now better than ever. Second one of my playstations which is responsible for rendering crashed, too... and third... well personal matters.

Anyway. I am back on track. The gamers among you will remember the alternate cinematic scene, when the player followed Riker's suggestion to "use the phasers" on the Garidian Warbird, instead of Data's 'drive through the beam'. Well... I incorprated the sequence into the film, though it has a different content. See for yourself. It's not yet finished. You will notice I will have to work on the illumination, and the Warbird is supposed to cloak after it's performance... but I think I managed to catch the perspective from the game shot.

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