Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

Surface studies: Frigis

Hey there... I took a pause from the project for the last weeks, but have now returned to it. Here are some surface studies for Frigis, the planet where the Enterprise crew will discover the Garidian Fifth Scroll.

The pictures you see are of the background landscape created for the shots. I have played with the sky, light and cloud settings to see what looks best, but hey... decide for yourself:

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Tyler hat gesagt…

The landscapes you've shown are quite compelling and beautiful! The top image in your post is also a little reminiscent of Horst III, in its coloring and lighting, to me. Are you planning to use the second image from the top as the setting where the away team will beam down to Frigis?

Xavier_Storma hat gesagt…

Thanks! They have been created with Ozone 4.0 by eon. It's a very easy to use tool, which let's you create atmospheres as you can see them here within minutes.

Those shots are simple light studies, mainly done to set up the correct illumination of Frigis.

I have not started the work on Horst 3 yet (it is my favorite planet in the game), since I am still working on the artificial structures on that planet (the Chodak devices you can find everywhere in the game).

Horst 3 will be shown at night.
The beam down shot is a WIP (an early image was uploaded in August). The shots shown here will serve as the far away background, to give the planet real depth the game could not provide.