Montag, 17. August 2009

Set update

Today a first look at the design of the Chodak bridge. The aim was to make it feel alien. Over the years we have seen many different bridge designs in TREK. Many shared common elements like the center seat, consoles and the basic outline.
The Chodak bridge looks completely different. Again, official sources did never show the design of the bridge. The closest shot we got was in a cut scene from the game "A Final Unity" where Chodak Admiral Brodnack starts from the former Chodak homeworld Alanor, but again, this was just a 2D shot.
For the film I created a bridge inspired by a bridge design used in the STAR WARS KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC comic series. Two wide windows on the sides and a window at the bottom of the bridge, showing a fantastic view into space.
The Chodak do not have viewscreens, but rather use holgraphic emitters to project ship status, sensor data etc.
These shots show you the central emitter in the center of the bridge resembling the main viewscreen on the Enterprise.

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