Montag, 10. August 2009

First WIP planet shot:

A premiere today. I aquired Ozone 4.0 a plugin for Cinema 4D which enables a lot easier work with atmospheric effects, includes a cloud simulator etc.

The first shot I am reworking is part of the "Chodak History Lesson" our heroes will watch on Allanor.

To give you an impression of how it will look like (this is a WIP shot, the final shot will be much more detailed of course):


Although it was not included in the original shot of the game, I added the tower to make this shot feel more real:

Lights have been added to the tower, also (not visible) textures:

Texture has been added to the ground, bumping it up to create the look of rocks (saves RAM and looks decent):

Check out for updates soon!

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